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November 22, 2019

Don't miss this opportunity to learn from Dr. Amy Climer on how to support your team's creativity and innovation! In this fast-paced workshop you will learn the Creative Problem Solving process, a research-based strategy, and learn the tools and techniques to repeat the process with your students.

November 23, 2019

Dr. Amy Climer will lead this workshop for experienced facilitators ready to move to a higher level with the art and craft of facilitation. Explore research on team performance and success and best practices on leading teams. Learn how to use these models and frameworks in your programs. 

3Ec Spring Conference 2019

March 30, 2019

Our 5th annual conference will be held at the Jan Phillips Learning Center—a unique experiential learning space on the The College School's LaBarque campus.

Learn from some of the nation's preeminent experiential and environmental educators as we explore this unique site. Experts will lead workshops on place-based assessment and reflection, experiential group facilitation skills, and field-based research and adventure.


Dates & Locations Vary. 

Meetups are small networking events, brainstorms, coffee talks, experiences. Meetups are whatever you want them to be! They are a chance to get to know fellow experiential educators, try new things, talk through problems and so much more. Meetups are held throughout the year at various locations based on the Meetup topic. 

Upcoming Meetups include: 

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Past Events

Spring '17 Event - There are no mistakes

March 29, 2017

The Biome School

5:00pm - 7:00pm

 Our spring event will focus on the themes of reflection and assessment through the practice of embracing mistakes.  We will break-out into sessions that allow participants to learn, practice, and experience EE for themselves. With a “there are no mistakes” theme, we will explore how experiential education embraces this sentiment and how that idea impacts curriculum development and assessment.


Experiences will highlight EE learning opportunities when faced with common challenges such setting, limited budget and resources, and learning standards & testing. Sessions will provide participants with new ideas and insight into how reflection and assessment can be included in a classroom where mistakes are celebrated as part of the learning process.

Spring '17 Conference - unboxED

April 29, 2017

Raintree School

Join the Experiential Education Exchange as we un-box best practices of experiential education.  Come out and meet other practitioners as EEE highlights the Raintree School, North Carolina Outward Bound, and Mount Vernon Institute for Innovation.  This year’s conference is hosted by Raintree School, a school amidst a forest.  Meet and mingle over coffee, spend the day learning with like-minded educators in this picturesque setting, and end the day at our bonfire. 

Fall '16 Event - Come Grow With Us

October 25, 2016

Saint Louis Science Center's Grow Exhibit


We embarked on an explorative journey of food, from farm to table and everything in between. Activities inspired by the GROW exhibit at the Saint Louis Science Center.

Spring '16 Event - Global Citizenship

April 06, 2016

Whitfield School


The spring event at Whitfield School promoted experiential education through the lens of what it means to be a global citizen. Workshops and activities promoted peace, tolerance, inclusivity, and security in this world. Teachers from the Whitfield School were able to share some of their favorite experiential activities around this theme. 

Spring '16 Conference - Buzzwords

February 13, 2016

Webster University


Our 2nd Conference served as a forum for educators to discuss and share ideas and innovations. The year's theme revolved around the buzzwords: "grit," "mindset," and "project-based learning."

Fall '15 Event - Team Building

October 17, 2015

Greensfelder Park


A day's worth of team building exercises for teachers and educators. Great experience for both networking and idea sharing.

Spring '15 Conference - Learning as Play

April 11, 2015

Maplewood Richmond Heights HS

Our 1st Annual Conference, headlined by Jim Cain, featured a wide variety of activities focused on promoting and propelling excellence through play. Sessions focused on how play and experiential education mix to create unforgettable learning opportunities. Sessions included outdoor education, organizational training, and more!

Fall '14 Gathering

November 05, 2015

Forsyth School


During this evening of experiential exploration we shared inspiring ideas, networked with friends and colleagues in the field, and engaged in the experiential learning process. Experiential educators from around the St. Louis community presented activities that helped anyone from beginners to life-long educators dive into experiential learning. We used native grasses to build shelter, explored how senses can evoke stories through writing and drawing, learned how people made rhythmic sounds with voices and bodies, and even made rope!

Spring '14 Gathering

Missouri Botanical Garden


We met at the Missouri Botanical Garden on a beautiful spring evening to explore habitats and experiential learning. We learned about bees, discovered the importance of biodiversity in our city, and even made a hotel for insects!

Fall '13 Event - The College School

October 19, 2013

The College School

It all started with an invite… The College School opened up the opportunity to deepen the dialogue in St. Louis about experiential education by connecting all of us together. The evening was full of exchanging ideas, seeing old friends and making new ones, sampling experiential activities, and even juggling or climbing a tree!

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